Can I Embed a Google Play Review on My Website?

Can I embed Google Play Review on my website

One of the questions that many people want to know the answer to is – can I embed a Google Play review on my website? Luckily, there are a few plugins that allow you to do just that.

Plugin for Google Reviews

Plugin for Google Reviews is a free WordPress plugin that helps you to display customer reviews from Google and other websites in a simple and efficient manner. Embedding reviews on your website will increase the credibility of your business, boost sales and reach, and drive more engagement.

The widget allows you to customize the look and feel of the widget, including the font size and review source. It also offers detailed documentation and support. Whether you’re new to wordpress or an experienced web designer, this plugin will make it easy to embed Google reviews into your website.

Using the widget to display Google reviews on your website can increase your credibility, reduce your bounce rate, and help you improve your SEO performance. Plus, it gives you a way to showcase your reviews on any page of your site.

One of the most important reasons for embedding reviews from Google is the fact that they are verified and up-to-date. Another reason is that they will increase your average dwell time.


If you want to show your website visitors that your business is reliable and trustworthy, you can embed Google reviews in your website. This can create a more trusting and smarter user experience.

The ElfSight widget for Google plays allows you to easily embed customer reviews from Google into your website. It is a coding-free, responsive widget that includes a number of features.

The ElfSight Google Play widget can be customized and translated into any language. It features two grading options and several sorting choices. You can hide or display reviews with or without a comment, and you can also opt to filter out unwanted reviews.

It is also possible to display the total number of clients who have recommended your business. The widget has three templates: Classic, Bubble and Spotlight. In the Classic template, the author’s name is placed underneath the review text. The Spotlight template centers all of the elements in the widget, and you can accent text.


The Google Play review widget is a great way to enhance your website. Consumers search for reviews before purchasing a product. Getting your site in the good books takes only a few clicks.

SociableKIT has a slew of social media feeds widgets. They are not only responsive but also work on mobile and desktop. In the simplest of terms, the feed will update automatically, ensuring your site is always updated.

In the world of digital marketing, scalability is key. That means adding an extra widget isn’t the end of the world. You can resize and rename them. And you don’t have to worry about the cost. Unlike other providers, you get a free widget for life.

Another nifty gizmo is the Snapwidget. This app can stream video and images. It has a dedicated Facebook feed as well. Streaming videos can boost traffic to your site.

A similar widget resides at Octobox, the developers of the new generation of Android POS software. These widgets are also easy to implement.


EmbedReviews is a service that allows you to embed Google reviews on your website. It is a simple process that requires no prior experience.

The widget allows you to display the number of reviews a business has, their rating, and the date. You can also choose to display the name of the reviewer. To embed the Google review, you will need to create an account, log in, and paste the code between two HTML tags.

One of the most popular locations for review embedding is the “About Us” page. By displaying these reviews, visitors will be able to take their buying decisions faster. They will have access to the most recent reviews, and will be able to see which customers left the most positive reviews.

Another popular location for embedding reviews is the product page. This is a great way to increase conversions and brand exposure.

For businesses with an established reputation, having a steady flow of new Google reviews is a good way to keep your online reputation fresh. Additionally, having a high number of reviews helps increase trust in your company.